The Caretaker has the right and responsibility to interpret and enforce all policies and procedures.
The Caretaker is the overseer of all Cemetery Deeds, Transfers, grave sales and any attendant paper and computer records required.
Only employees of Maple Leaf Cemetery are allowed to operate wheeled mowing equipment.
Only employees of Maple Leaf Cemetery are allowed to trim or prune shrubs and/or trees within the cemetery.
Only employees of Maple Leaf Cemetery are allowed to plant flowers, shrubs, or trees. No flowers, shrubs, or trees are to be planted on individual graves.
Within Maple Leaf Cemetery there are two designations of graves, a full burial grave and a cremation burial grave. On a full burial grave the following will be allowed: the burial of one human remains in a casket with liner, or the one human remains in a casket with liner and up to two cremated remains with liners, or up to three cremated remains with liners with no human casketed remains. On a cremation grave, burial of up to two cremated remains with liners are allowed.
All caskets interred in Maple Leaf Cemetery must be placed in a cement burial liner, or a burial vault.
All urns interred in Maple Leaf Cemetery must be placed in a separate urn liner or urn vault. If the urn is constructed as an urn vault, the Caretaker has the authority to waive this requirement.
Only the cemetery staff may open and close a grave. In the event neither of the staff are available, the Caretaker may authorize the Contractor to open and close after specifically identifying the site to be opened.
Any disinterment must be in accordance with Washington State Law and will be charged opening and closing costs.
There will be no burials scheduled on the following days: Sunday, Easter, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years day, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, or Independence Day.
All holiday decorations that are not collected by family will be picked up by cemetery staff 30 days following the holiday.


All cemetery expenses, including grave cost, opening and closing of the grave, and liner, must be paid by the family in advance of any services being performed, unless other arrangements have been made in writing with the cemetery Caretaker.
No monuments or markers are permitted on the grave until the cemetery expenses are paid in full.
Either upright monuments or ground level markers are allowed on the grave, once cemetery expenses have been paid.
All structures that rise above the surface of the ground, whether monuments, markers, or flower holding devices must have a four inch cement or granite border level to the ground. Grave markers that are flush to the ground do not require a border.
Maple Leaf Cemetery is not responsible for any damage to monuments, markers, or other devices caused by time, war, acts of God, or vandalism. Maple Leaf Cemetery is only responsible for damage caused by the cemetery staff or contracted personnel.
6. No monuments, markers, or other devices, including their attached border/s may exceed the width of an individual grave or thirty-six inches, whichever is less, unless specifically authorized in writing. In the event multiple adjacent graves are purchased by a family, a monument or marker may span those graves as long as the monument or marker does not exceed the thirty-six inch (or the width of the grave, whichever is less) times the number of adjacent graves involved.
A maximum of two markers are allowed on a cremation grave. A maximum of three markers are allowed on a full burial grave.
No fences plantings, hedges, or other enclosures of any kind will be permitted on or around any graves or family plots.
Flowers and flower stands must be placed in holders that have a ground level four inch border of cement or granite around them.
When flowers are deemed unsightly, they may be picked up and disposed of along with their containers by the staff. If the container is a permanent part of the flower holder or marker, it will be left; however, the flowers will still be discarded. Plastic flowers are allowed under the same rules.
No glass containers are allowed in the cemetery for flower or plant holders.
Pets must be kept on a leash at all times and pet owners are responsible to clean up and remove any pet defecation from the cemetery properties.
All Funerals must be complete and all family, friends, guests, and other attendees departed from the cemetery no later than 3:30pm to allow the cemetery staff necessary time to close the grave site and do cemetery clean up before cemetery closing time.
A family member must meet with cemetery staff personnel a minimum of 3 working days prior (prior means that for a funeral to take place on Friday the family must visit the cemetery no later than Tuesday) to any event to verify the site and to allow cemetery personnel necessary time to prepare the site for the event.
To prevent grave spaces from becoming too cluttered and the grass from growing out of control amidst that clutter, and to enable cemetery personnel access to the grave space for maintenance such as mowing or weed eating, only one item is allowed per grave and it must fit on the headstone or monument or hung from a hanger, not on the grass.Type your paragraph here.

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