The columbarium has idividual compartments for urn burials. Each compartment has a granite face plate used for engraving purposes. The columbarium provides an alternative to putting cremains of your loved one in the ground. 

Cremation Burials 
We offer cremation burials as an alternative to full burials. Cremation burials are where the human remains (which are in the form of ashes) are put into an urn then put into a cement liner or a cremation vault then lowered into the grave site of your choosing. 

A container which you put cremains (ashes) into. There are many different kinds of urns. They can be made of wood, plastic, marble, and stainless steel. 

Full Burials 
We provide full burials for human remains within caskets. The casket must be enclosed within a cement liner or a waterproof vault prior to entombment. At this time we do not offer burial services for pets.  

Headstones and Memorials 
We have a variety of headstones, memorials, urns, and other items available. Through our office and working with regional providers, we can ensure your loved one recieves a high quality product which will last for many years to come. You can see all our offerings at 

Pet Memorials 
We have a variety of Pet memorials, urns, and other items available. Pet memorials come in a variety of types and sizes including upright monuments, flat markers, urns and accessories. Feel free to contact us for further details. 

Our Services

Vaults, Cement Liners, and Cremation Liners 
We offer cement liners and waterproof vaults for casket burials and cremation vaults for urn burials. Waterproof and cremation vaults are lined with plastic, offering additional protection from the outside elements. 

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